City Centred Fringe Events at Party Conferences

City Centred held fringe events at each of the party conferences. With expert and high-profile panellists and a hot-pot...
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Statement on RSA City Growth Commission Report

It is unsurprising that the RSA’s serious, economic study has found that the UK’s centralised decision-making system is not ...
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Briefing for Commons Devolution Debate

On Tuesday 14th October MPs will debate devolution following the Scottish referendum.   City Centred sent a...
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City Centred is a joint campaign by the Mayor of London, London Councils (representing London’s 32 boroughs and the City of London) and the Core Cities Group representing the cities at the centre of England’s 8 biggest urban areas outside the capital (Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield).

We believe cities and city regions should have more freedom from central government. This will help boost the economy, create jobs and help cities meet the demands on infrastructure and services that growth brings.

Objective 1

Commitment to grant greater financial freedoms to London and the Core Cities - specifically the devolution of property taxes - in all the 2015 general election manifestos

Objective 2

Commitment to our cities having powers devolved over decision making and commissioning, for example in skills and employment support.